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Picker and Transport Service

We have the equipment to get the job done for all your trucking needs.

our equipment includes

Trucks                        Trailers

-Pickers                                - tri floats

-Bed Trucks                           - sciccor necks

-Texas beds                           - wheeler combinations up to 48 wheels

-Winch trucks                         - Step Decks

-Commander                          - Double drops

                                             - super b's


Our fleet is being updated all the time to make sure we can fullfill all of your trucking needs!

Hotshot, Pilot and
Lease Maintenance

-8 Ton knuckle

-Pilot Trucks

-Goose Neck Trailer

-Mini loader 

-Dump Truck

-Water Truck

-snow plow

Rig ups

Our Brooks location has a fabrication shop with many years of experience building Pickers, Bed Trucks, Texas Beds, Winch trucks and much more. if you can think it we can build it.


Omega rig ups privide the highest level of workmanship and design.

and only the best materials are used.


Omega also has an onsight mechanics shop


-1000bbl frac tanks

-400 bbl



-Swamp Mats


-Light towers



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